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Brief Moment #68

Orange Juice.  How do you know that God has been working in you?  I know those first two sentences probably have you totally lost.  Let me explain.  Sunday morning at church, before Sunday School begins, the church provides donuts (or bagels) and milk (or orange juice).  This Sunday, like every Sunday, we got there early so that we can share in the fellowship that comes during this Sunday ritual.  The girls were sitting around eating their donuts.  One of them reached over and slid my cup of orange juice to move it out of the way.  The cup tipped over and the juice landed all over the table and right in to my lap.   That is not a good way to start Church.  The crotch of my pants was soaked.  I jumped out of my seat and just started laughing.  To me, it was funny.  Where else would it have went, but in my lap??  Before I know it, church members were scrounging for napkins to help me clean up the mess.  Why does this story matter to me?

Just a few short months ago I would have been angered to the point of stomping off and possibly yelling at the kids.  God has been working on my anger.  He throws little obstacles at me–like this juice, to see how I will react.  Subconsciously I don’t see the test.  It is after the fact that I can rejoice and know that my God is changing me from the inside out.  My reaction was so unlike me that when I looked up at Cassie and the girls, they were quite.  Just quiet and staring.  The girls were scared.  I understand that it was a complete accident and that the juice, once dumped, had a 99% chance of hitting the crotch of my pants.  That is just the way things work.  Luckily this time God had my back and revealed himself to me in a new and profound way.  Thank-you Lord!!


Brief Moment #67

Church is starting to become a real blessing to my family.  Every Sunday we come home discussing what church was about and how we can use that in our coming week.  The girls absolutely love Sunday School and Children’s  Church and we are so lucky to have such a great children’s program in place.  We are getting to know people and everyone has accepted us in to their family.