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Brief Moment #62

I finished the book of Genesis today.  The one book of the Bible that I always get stuck and quit reading. I finally finished and never got bored!  It was actually a great read.  The stories of Noah, Abraham, Isaac, and Joseph were truly amazing.  It was interesting to learn and see how God worked to prove to each of them that he was the one true God.  Each of these guys proved that they had an incredible Faith and commitment to God.  Noah worked for 125 years building the Ark. That is commitment.

Noah and his family committed themselves to building the ark for 125 years.  People would come by and laugh at him and his family.  He was ridiculed for being crazy.  Every waking hour of every day, for 125 years, Noah built the ark.  God granted Noah and his family life through faith.  They believed what the Lord said was true.  They also feared the Lord and knew that he could do what he said to Noah.  Those living in the area had no Faith.

Faith and Commitment.

I think sometimes we need to step back and question our own Faith and Commitment.  Have we committed ourselves enough to allow God the freedom to work in us?  Do we actually believe that God will use us for his will?  Immediate results may not come, but if we stay strong in Faith, Committed to the overall plan, then great things will be born.  Through Abraham, Isaac, and Joseph-these great things took more than a lifetime.  Enough came true during their days to keep them faithful and committed to the overall plan.  Each of them planted their own seeds and each of their seeds became fruitful and multiplied in the ways that God desired.  I think we need to keep planting these seeds and see where they grow…


Brief Moment #60

Genesis.  I have decided that I am going to try to read the Bible in it’s entirety.  I am not sure of the form or method that I will use, but I will be working towards that goal.  This goal is on my Life List.  I have tried to do this numerous times in the past.  I have a read a few complete Books of the Bible, but never attempted to do the whole thing.  I have tried to read Genesis at least three times straight through, and have never finished it once.  That is where I am starting.  The Book of Genesis.  I have currently read 35 chapters of the 50 chapter book, but already I am learning and advancing what I already know about the book.

When I got to the part about Abraham offering Isaac, his one and only son, as a sacrifice to God–it made me tremble.  I just had a daughter.  I was trying to put myself in that spot, trying to picture my reactions.  Would I have turned away from God?  Luckily, God spared Isaac.  Abraham had proved that he feared God enough to sacrifice his first and only son.  He raised his hand with the knife, and God stopped him because of his Faith.  How strong is our Faith that God is in control?  Would we be willing to suffer for our Faith?