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Notes On The Week Of Halloween, 2010…

I am writing this post to remind myself of a few things that my family done over the course of this past week. Halloween week is always hard when you have little ones in the family. We decided to take the ‘safe’ route this year and participate in some of the activities that our community has to offer. This basically meant that in today’s society we don’t trust the act of door-to-door trick or treating. I know I am not alone on this. Craig Ferguson, the late night talk show host, went on to add that it is strange that for 364 days of the year we teach and tell our kids not to take candy from strangers–but then that last day, we let them do it as much as they want. I found that funny and ironic.

This year we visited our community’s annual Halloween Health Fair. I know this doesn’t sound very exciting to most, but it was still fun for us and completely free. Our children were able to play lots of games, received free healthy snacks and prizes, and even got to play on a very large inflatable slide. They also enjoyed being able to see all the other children’s costumes. I tried to get them to follow me in to the Healthy Halloween haunted house, but it didn’t quite work out this year. Maybe next year.

After the excitement of the Healthy Halloween fair, Cassie and I were able to follow it up by putting on the preschool “Harvest” party. This is a new concept, but a good one for a church sponsored preschool. We were a few of the parents that provided snacks, games, and crafts for the children to enjoy. We also done all of the planning. The one thing we learned for the upcoming Christmas party–MORE CRAFTS! The kids loved them and so did the parents. The kids all got to dress up and had fun spending the day playing and crafting. They also really enjoyed the ‘mud pudding’ and attacking me with their spider rings. Just imagine a big football pile-up involving myself and 13 preschoolers. It was fun, but they almost got the best of me!

Sunday was our last ‘Halloween’ activity. We took the girls to our local car museum’s ‘Trunk or Treat.’ This basically involved walking around the three floors of antique vehicles and visiting some of the scary folks passing out candy to the children. They also had a game room for the girls, face painting, and tattoos! The girls really seemed to have a good time this year and never even asked when we were going to go door-to-door!

The first and the third things mentioned should become yearly rituals for our family. They are nice, safe, and fun. Ugh. I hate to say this, but CHRISTMAS is on the horizon!!


A Leap of Faith

I have been contemplating the start of a weekly Bible study for about a month now.  I have really felt led by God to do this.  I grew up in a christian family (my father is a preacher) and have recently renewed my own faith.  Cassie is absolutely new to all of this and feels a bit intimidated or inadequate.  She is a new believer and probably feels the way most new believers do.  “Where do I begin?”

I thought a good way to introduce her to some of the concepts and beliefs of Christianity would be to start a Bible study with her.   The question then became “Will she do this with me?” and “What kind of Bible study do we need?”

While walking through our local Salvation Army last week.  I felt some books just jumping out at me.  One of these books was “A Handbook for Christian Maturity” by Bill Bright.  I thought that this would be a simple read-through book on how to expand my personal faith.  When I got the book home and finally flipped through it, I discovered that this book was exactly the type of thing I was looking for.

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Brief Moment #62

I finished the book of Genesis today.  The one book of the Bible that I always get stuck and quit reading. I finally finished and never got bored!  It was actually a great read.  The stories of Noah, Abraham, Isaac, and Joseph were truly amazing.  It was interesting to learn and see how God worked to prove to each of them that he was the one true God.  Each of these guys proved that they had an incredible Faith and commitment to God.  Noah worked for 125 years building the Ark. That is commitment.

Noah and his family committed themselves to building the ark for 125 years.  People would come by and laugh at him and his family.  He was ridiculed for being crazy.  Every waking hour of every day, for 125 years, Noah built the ark.  God granted Noah and his family life through faith.  They believed what the Lord said was true.  They also feared the Lord and knew that he could do what he said to Noah.  Those living in the area had no Faith.

Faith and Commitment.

I think sometimes we need to step back and question our own Faith and Commitment.  Have we committed ourselves enough to allow God the freedom to work in us?  Do we actually believe that God will use us for his will?  Immediate results may not come, but if we stay strong in Faith, Committed to the overall plan, then great things will be born.  Through Abraham, Isaac, and Joseph-these great things took more than a lifetime.  Enough came true during their days to keep them faithful and committed to the overall plan.  Each of them planted their own seeds and each of their seeds became fruitful and multiplied in the ways that God desired.  I think we need to keep planting these seeds and see where they grow…

Brief Moment #56

Katelynn, my baby girl, born on March 27, 2010 is one day away from being 5 months old!  The time has went by fast.  In that time she has learned to smile, laugh, giggle, grab on to things, the occasional roll-over, and now enjoys playing with a few toys.  She has grown nearly three times the size she was from that first day (weight) and gotten pretty tall, too.  She now eats baby cereal, applesauce, a little babyfood, but still must have mommy for most of her nutrition.  To this date, Katelynn has not been sick once, which has been a true blessing.  She stays awake most of the day, with an occasional 15 minute nap.  She also sleeps most of the night.

Cassie and I were talking the other night about why it seems like kids don’t stay babies for very long.  I think it seems that way because they are only a baby for about a year.  That makes that time precious and one that should be spent observing, playing, taking pictures, and enjoying these teeny, tiny moments that will never come back.  Each moment is a blessing.  Each day a joy.

Brief Moment #29

God has a way of bringing everything back around on his own time. I had a pretty bad day Monday. The van broke down first thing in the morning. Elizabeth, the middle daughter, had been sick, so we had to take her to the doctor’s office. Once we got to the hospital, we walked in and I ran in to my best friend. He said that he was there for a normal check-up. I said ‘Normal? You are the same age as me.(34)” He then went on to tell me that he had been diagnosed with diabetes last month. I told Cassie to take the girls up to the doctor’s office and I would meet up with them in a few. I wanted to catch up with Kyle.

As we were talking and catching up we heard an awful moan and scream coming from the hospital restrooms. Kyle and I slipped inside and seen that an older man had fallen trying to get out of the door. He had banged his head and arm up pretty good. There was no one else around. Kyle and I helped him up and cleaned up his arm and head for him and got him seated back in his wheelchair/walker till his son and a nurse arrived to take over.

Elizabeth found out that she was showing signs of diabetes, too. The doc told us it could be that, OR dehydration. That is a big difference and quite the worry for the next few days, but it is in God’s hands.

After the doctor, I sat down for dinner, and with my second bite, nearly bit my tongue off. I got it to finally stop bleeding after 15 minutes, but was unable to finish dinner.

THEN…we ended the night with a brief argument between the two of us. Something that very rarely happens.

It was one rough day.

So where is the brief moment of Happiness?? I met up with Kyle for the first time in a year, for some reason we were together to help out this larger gentleman who had fallen and banged himself up. Sometimes the good is hard to see, but it was nice to know that with all the other stress going on in our lives, I still had the courage and ambition to help someone else in need. God works in mysterious ways, but he brought me to that moment and turned a pretty crappy day in to one that I could be joyous about!

Brief Moment #28

I had a good day with the girls today. We had a nice water fight in the front yard. That really helped cool us off! The temps have been crazy hot, but it also showed me how much fun losing can be. Water fights are one of those rare things where it can actually be better to Lose! We had fun and met a new neighbor, who also has a 4 year old daughter, Layla. She had a good time playing with all of us in the water, too!

Breif Moment #24

We took the girls to the July 4th fireworks show in town.  I haven’t done this in years!  We got down there a couple of hours early and let the girls play in the big field.  We brought balls and frisbees with us, drinks, and blankets.  We all played together and then others started joining us.  All of us had a blast.

When the fireworks show started Elizabeth and Isabel climbed onto my lap.  They both chatted about how beautiful the fireworks were, how loud they were, and which of us would get burned up if the fireworks hit the ground.  Mama took care of Katelynn, who didn’t cry once.  This will definitely be a memorable night for me for a very long time.  We were the perfect family in the perfect family setting.  This might just become a July 4th tradition!