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You Must Deny Yourself And Take Up Your Cross

Mark 8:34 happens to be one of my favorite Bible verses.  This verse popped up at me before I was even a Christian while working on my adventure blog ‘The Adventurist”.  A few years ago I wrote an article about a man who decided to take this verse literally.  He built a large wooden cross and decided to carry it around the world.  He would walk with this life-sized cross and preach to those that would listen.  I am not sure that this was completely what was in mind when this verse was written, but God has still used this man to spread his word through the use of a single verse from the Bible.

This past week I put up an update on Facebook that simply said:

What does this mean?? “If anyone would come after me, he must deny himself and take up his cross and follow me.” Mark 8:34

This has lead to an in-depth study and discussion on this very intriguing verse.  We were all in agreement that “he must deny himself” means that we have to walk away from our own selfishness in order to follow Christ.  What does it mean to “take up his cross”?

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BMOH Joins Christian Bloggers Network On Facebook

Brief Moments of Happiness is now a proud member of the Christian Bloggers Network on Facebook.  We now join over 1,000 christian bloggers (wow!) from all over the world who are trying to spread the message of Jesus Christ and the life we lead.  This could open up some opportunities to some great content, collaborations, and introductions to some really great Christian Bloggers.  I have added a badge to the right sidebar to express this new membership.  If you are a Christian blogger, I urge you to please do the same.  I am excited about this opportunity and look forward to working with this great Facebook group in the future.

Brief Moment #70

What is Faith?  That was the question that I threw out to my Facebook friends this week.  I had a few interesting answers.  Two were for an 80’s pop hit from George Michael–that is what they thought it was.  One was wondering why I was asking for her daughter..that was her name.  and two more came close and got my attention:

#1  Faith is a strong belief in a supernatural power or powers that control human destiny.

#2  A happy connection to the ALMIGHTY!!!

How would you describe “Faith”, and what other things besides religion do we have Faith in?

Brief Moment #58

I mentioned last week that I was starting a Facebook Prayer List.  Basically, I am calling out to my friends to see if they need any prayers.  If they mention they do, I take time to pray for them.  I thought I might get ridiculed for doing this.  Some of my friends don’t see things the way that I do.  Last week my Facebook request brought in 7 requests for prayer.  I think that is pretty good and more than I was expecting.  I am hoping to see these numbers pick up in the coming weeks.  Maybe..just maybe…this will get some of them thinking about what I am doing and bring the question of God up in their lives.

By the way, if you have read this and need a special prayer, be sure to leave a comment and I will pray for you too.