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BMOH Joins Christian Bloggers Network On Facebook

Brief Moments of Happiness is now a proud member of the Christian Bloggers Network on Facebook.  We now join over 1,000 christian bloggers (wow!) from all over the world who are trying to spread the message of Jesus Christ and the life we lead.  This could open up some opportunities to some great content, collaborations, and introductions to some really great Christian Bloggers.  I have added a badge to the right sidebar to express this new membership.  If you are a Christian blogger, I urge you to please do the same.  I am excited about this opportunity and look forward to working with this great Facebook group in the future.


Brief Moment #53

God’s opportunities.  I recently prayed for the Lord to bless my family with opportunities.  We had a water leak in our basement for the last month.  I was afraid to tell our landlord about the situation because we were a little behind on rent.  The water had been leaking for so long that there had gotten to be a few inches of water on our basement floor.  When I woke up yesterday morning, I decided to go downstairs and see what I could figure out about the leak and the mess that the leak caused.  The leak was coming from a back room copper pipe that had split cracked.  I was going through my head on hat could be done to fix the problem.  It was dark.  I decided to get a light and look at it better.  I took the light, looked at the crack, and was thinking, when I just happened to glance around the pipe and notice a shut-off valve on the exact same piece of pipe in question.  I turned it.  I discovered that the only place this water lead was to the outside faucet on the house.  Haha.  I turned it off and the problem was fixed.  Thank-you, Jesus!  No money lost.

The second problem was the water on the floor.  Both drains in the basement were ABOVE the water level.  How would I get all of this water out?  I friend from work suggested renting a shop vac.  That sounded like a good idea.  I came home and told Cassie that I was going to call the tool rental place in town and get a shop vac.  It shouldn’t be more than a few dollars.  She asked me “What for?”.  I told her that she deserved to have a dry basement for doing the laundry in.  She told me that the water had DISAPPEARED!  This water had been on the basement floor for well over a month.  The water level was below the drains so it would just sit and get a little deeper.  God truly blessed my family.  I will never know how this water left my basement, but it is completely dry and yet again, I didn’t have to spend a dime.

I am talking a little about money.  We have been struggling a bit of late.  Not really sinking, but staying steady without much to spare.  We are a couple of weeks behind on rent.  After the basement issue yesterday, my work called and asked if I could come in early.  I didn’t really feel like working and taking time away from my family.  I declined.   An hour later, I had a thought that I had just asked God for opportunities, and then when one was presented, I shunned away.  I was being selfish.  I called my work and got the extra hours.  This put me very close to 40 for the week.  We also got our new schedules for next week.  Before I had the chance to see mine, our General Manager told me that he was sorry about the schedule.  I asked him ‘What for?’  He told me that he had to schedule me EVERY DAY next week to make up for a few vacations that were going on.  I said ‘Why do you appologize?  I need the money and will gladly work the hours!”  Next week I am working 7 days, still have my Sunday schedule for church in tact, and am being blessed with extra hours to help me take care of my family.  Many people are having a hard time finding work.  In the last few weeks, my schedule has gotten better.  Once again, Thank-you Jesus!

It gets better:

After all of this, another manager said that she needed to talk to me.  She said that her and my GM had a discussion about me and that they both agreed that I was the person with the best attitude and work ethics that they had.  She told me to keep working hard, that people are noticing things, and that I might have a great future within the company in short time.  I am not sure what that means, but I am hoping that it will be a blessing in my life.

Yesterday was such a cool day for me!  I could actually see my prayers in action and working.  I decided to take every opportunity that was given my way and see what would happen.  Each of them was a blessing and an answer to my prayers.  I think many times God is wanting the best for us, but we are to selfish to take the opportunities presented.  I am learning to open my eyes and jump, trusting God’s intention for my life.  If we don’t follow through, how do we know what the true blessing will be??  Being a Christian takes some work, but it is suppose too.  Heaven isn’t free, and not everyone will achieve the reward.  It takes patience, perseverance, and a whole lot of trust to walk with God.  I am hoping that I am on the tight track and am finally realizing God’s Will in my life.