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Exodus Red Sea Parting Given Scientific Basis

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OurAmazingPlanet has posted an article today about a study that suggests that the Red Sea could have been parted by natural phenomenon in the Bible.  This goes back to the story of Moses, being led by God, taking the Israelites out of Egypt  (Exodus 13) by the parting of the seas.  The article goes in to some detail explaining that a continuous 65 MPH wind could have forced the sea back, just as the Bible describes, allowing Moses and the Israelites to pass, then as the wind stops-the waters would come rushing back in upon the soldiers making chase.

Here is my problem.  This is a HUGE moment in the Bible.  The Bible, to the believer, is 100% correct.  Did we really need a study to take place that would suggest that this could actually happen??  I didn’t. Their theories are interesting, yet, they are basing all of this on a scientific formula without suggesting that maybe God had a hand in this.  Does God not control the land and the seas?  Yes.  It could of happened, because it DID happen!