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Brief Moment #64

Cassie, Katelynn, and I enjoyed our second Auburn, Cord, Duesenburg Parade this past Saturday.  This is an historical parade of the classic cars made and built in Auburn, Indiana.  The Duesenbergs hold the world record for most expensive vehicles ever sold.  A few of them have been sold for $20-$30 million each.  Last year, Katelynn was still in mommy’s belly but she was right there at the parade with us.  This year she actually got to see the cars.  It was funny.  Most of the people in the parade were smiling, laughing, and waving at seeing baby Katelynn watching them go by.  She is only 5 months old, but she was having fun.  I couple of the cars revved up and scared her a tiny bit, but even with all the loud noises and new sights, she never cried once.  I think this will be a yearly tradition for myself and my family.  We are even talking about making this an annual family get-together and going all out with a cookout, games, etc.  I think it would be a blast.

This year’s parade set a world record for most Duesenburgs in one place.  Auburn had 71 of the classics show up for this year’s activities.  It was just awesome watching them parade downtown, then just seeing them out driving around.  It made a person feel like it was 70 years in the past.  I wonder what my grandparents would have thought about these cars..