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Brief Moment #37

Another Isabel moment. She looks up at mommy and says “Mommy, if God never made words then none of us would be able to talk.” That made us all stop and think. Then she says “That would be funny!” We didn’t agree on that. If we couldn’t talk, then Isabel could never share her bits of wisdom with us. Today I thank God that we can talk.


Brief Moment #36

Isabel and I went over to the community playground the other night. While there, she says,”Is this a school or something?” I answer and explain to her that it was not a school, but rather a church. The church had put up the playground a few months back for neighborhood kids. We happened to get lucky that it was put in right across the street from our house. We make a couple of visits a week and let the girls play. Today Isabel was swinging and I was pushing. I remembered that her mom had told me that Isabel had mentioned wanting to go to church. I said, “I heard that you were wanting to go to church. Why do you want to do that?” She says it is because they do a lot of neat stuff at church.

Over the past few weeks, Cassie and I have been going to various churches trying to find one that we both liked. After Sunday’s service, I think we both agreed that we had finally found one where all of us could be happy, including the kids. This Sunday will be our official first time in a church with the kids. It is quite awesome what prayer and God can do!