A Leap of Faith

I have been contemplating the start of a weekly Bible study for about a month now.  I have really felt led by God to do this.  I grew up in a christian family (my father is a preacher) and have recently renewed my own faith.  Cassie is absolutely new to all of this and feels a bit intimidated or inadequate.  She is a new believer and probably feels the way most new believers do.  “Where do I begin?”

I thought a good way to introduce her to some of the concepts and beliefs of Christianity would be to start a Bible study with her.   The question then became “Will she do this with me?” and “What kind of Bible study do we need?”

While walking through our local Salvation Army last week.  I felt some books just jumping out at me.  One of these books was “A Handbook for Christian Maturity” by Bill Bright.  I thought that this would be a simple read-through book on how to expand my personal faith.  When I got the book home and finally flipped through it, I discovered that this book was exactly the type of thing I was looking for.

The book is an in-depth Bible study based on the foundations of being a new Christian.  There are 80 different lessons in it, beginning with “Who is Jesus Christ.”   This 50 cent book has now turned in to a 50 cent treasure of faith.  I feel that God led me to this book for my family’s faith.  This was exactly what we were looking for!

I told Cassie to look through it the other night and to tell me what she thinks.  She told me that she had already started reading it and that it would make us a good Bible study book.  It is wonderful how God works!

We have already started planning our Bible study for next Tuesday or Wednesday night.  It begins with an objective and then gives us a Bible verse to memorize.  Our Bible verse for next week is John 14:6:

6Jesus answered, “I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.”

We then have a little bit of reading to do and a few questions to answer concerning what we have read and then how it relates to us personally.  Most of this work, we will be doing on our own, then Tues. or Wed. we will sit down and go over everything.

It is truly wonderful how God starts fulfilling our needs to seek him!

As a side note, my same trip to the Salvation Army, also brought me to two antique Bibles.  They are both New Testaments and date from 1908 and 1901.  Those I purchased for 50 cents each too.  This may turn in to the best $1.50 that I have ever spent!


2 thoughts on “A Leap of Faith”

  1. Jason, how wonderfully exciting to be walking through Christianity with you wife! My story is similar in that my husband was raised in the church and I was not. When we met he was not walking and I was not interested! However… God had a different plan for us both and when I got baptized my husband joined me and rededicated his life to Christ. It created a deep intimacy between the two of us to explore Christianity and the ways of God together! Many blessings on this sweet journey before you!

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