Ask, Seek, Knock


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One of my favorite passages from The Bible revolves around Mathew 7:7-8:

Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you. For everyone who asks receives; he who seeks finds; and to him who knocks, the door will be opened.”

We are told to ask, seek, and knock, for those things that we need.  When we accepted Christ in our hearts as Lord and Savior–we had to SEEK a different way of life, KNOCK on Heaven’s door hoping that Christ would answer, and then ASK him for total forgiveness of our sins and for a new way of life.  These aren’t merely words to inspire.  These are words that hold certain truths not only in Christ, but in everyday life.


I have made no secret that my family is quite poor.  There are certain needs that financially we have a hard time meeting.  We are not down about this issue-but look at it as more of a challenge in Faith and discretion.  We spend very, very little on things that absolutely do not matter.  We pray for those things that we do need.  Then we believe that it will come to pass.  I have found that when we are faithful and do not question God’s will, that certain things will tyake care of themselves.  God continues to meet our needs on a daily basis.  Here are just a few of the blessings that have come our way recently through Faith and Prayer.

  • My mother visited (which is an answered prayer in it’s own right) and took us out to dinner, bought us a full tank of gas, three new outfits for Katelynn, and a freezer full of meat that her husband gave us through his meat shop.

How many blessings was this?  First, my whole paycheck went to rent, so I was left with nothing to fall back on.  It will be that way for the next month.  She did not know that.  She provided OVER a month’s worth of food for my whole family.  That tank of gas, that will last almost all month long.  Katelynn received two new outfits and a dress that my mother’s best friend made us, 6 pairs of baby socks and a pair of shoes.  Those will last months!  Lord, Bless my mother and her best friend, Marsha.

Cassie had a few blessings of her own to share with the family.  She usually walks the girls to school.  We have one vehicle and another broke down, but the school is only a few blocks away and we enjoy walks.   While walking Isabel to school, one of the school crossing guards took notice that the girls did not have coats on.  He asked if the girls needed coats.  Cassie said ‘Yes’ and that has begun a week long ‘help’ campaign by this particular crossing guard.  He brought us two coats for the girls.  He then informed us that he had designated us as a family in need and that he had signed us up for the Police Department’s Christmas program.  Our daughter’s will each be picked up by a police cruiser, taken to the station, be given $50, then be allowed to purchase each other a gift for Christmas.  In the meantime, mommy and daddy will be picked up by another officer, taken out to the stores and be given $150 to spend on each child.  SUCH A BLESSING!!  I can’t help but cry thinking about the generosity this individual has shown us this week.  That wasn’t all though.  He also told us that the police department will be providing my family a Christmas meal and he is working on finding someone that will fix our van for us!

This was all hard for me to believe.  I walked down to the school.  I wanted to thank him for the coats and everything and also find out more about this man.  Come to find out he is not only a crossing guard, but an ordained minister for the Police Department in town.  When I thanked him, we were both in tears.  This, my friends, is a man of God doing God’s will.

Ask, Seek, Knock…

The hardest part for most people in need is the ‘asking’.  We feel ashamed that we are where we are.  My dad use to always say that if we don’t ASK, how is anyone to know that there is a need?  We let that shame or fear creep in that someone might tell us ‘No’.  Jesus Christ takes away that shame and fear.  We wants us to strive to be better.  To SEEK those things that will enable and empower us to work his will.  If we truly want anything to get better, it does take an effort in SEEKING.  After we have found a way, or seen a glimmer of hope for a better tomorrow, we then need to KNOCK.  We have to try to get that door opened to opportunity and perhaps all of our needs will be met….


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