Brief Moment #66

Most of you have probably already heard about the preacher down in Florida that wants to burn the Koran on September 11th.  This story is all over The Drudge Report, and since-all over the news.  I listened to this preacher stutter and mutter his way through an interview on Good Morning America the other day.  He has vowed that no matter who says what-even condemnation by the President of the United States and our generals in Afghanistan-that this burning will go on.  He says that we have to protect our Freedoms and that once Muslim society takes seed, that it expands and tries to eat everything, including the government.

Here are a few of my personal thoughts.  1)  this is an act not of God.  This one act goes against 80% of the Bible.  God is the only judge.  Jesus preached love, forgiveness, faith.  Not hatred, retaliation, and condemnation.  If someone lashes out in the name of God, it is not of God, but of the devil–that is proclaimed in the Bible.

This act could incite a national security risk.  Muslims could never take away our freedoms.  That is based in our Constitution.  We would have to elect to take those away.  In the meantime, we do have American soldiers in highly Muslim areas of the world:  Iraq and Afghanistan.  These soldiers may now find that the Muslims rebel or refuse their help in these countries if they feel that America may support a non-Muslim agenda.

This preacher is wrong for enticing people against one another.  I even question his Christianity and what he is preaching to his congregation.  This is scary business, but God will handle it the way he sees fit.


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