Brief Moment #56

Katelynn, my baby girl, born on March 27, 2010 is one day away from being 5 months old!  The time has went by fast.  In that time she has learned to smile, laugh, giggle, grab on to things, the occasional roll-over, and now enjoys playing with a few toys.  She has grown nearly three times the size she was from that first day (weight) and gotten pretty tall, too.  She now eats baby cereal, applesauce, a little babyfood, but still must have mommy for most of her nutrition.  To this date, Katelynn has not been sick once, which has been a true blessing.  She stays awake most of the day, with an occasional 15 minute nap.  She also sleeps most of the night.

Cassie and I were talking the other night about why it seems like kids don’t stay babies for very long.  I think it seems that way because they are only a baby for about a year.  That makes that time precious and one that should be spent observing, playing, taking pictures, and enjoying these teeny, tiny moments that will never come back.  Each moment is a blessing.  Each day a joy.


One thought on “Brief Moment #56”

  1. This, my new friend, was a beautiful post. Thank you for sharing. You brought back such fond memories of when my daughters were babies. They do learn and grow so quickly in that first year. Now my babies are teenagers! Where does that time go? Treasure every moment. 🙂

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