Brief Moment #49

I have to give props to the U.N. for stepping up and finally agreeing that clean water and sanitation is a human right.  More than 122 countries agreed on the vote that finally brought this to fruition.  The resolution states that 884 million people currently lack clean drinking water in the world, while 2.6 billion (yes, BILLION!) lack proper sanitation.  How sad is that??  Many times we take what we have for granted in the United States.  We use as much water as we want, and we complain when our restrooms are slightly dirty in public places.  What if there were none??  I can remember my ex-stepkids going on a church missions trip a few years ago.  They were brought to their knees by seeing the children digging for food in the landfills of Argentina.  When most of us think of impoverished countries, we think of India, China, the countries of Africa–but there are SO many people, including here in the U.S. that are still far behind most of us.  Tonight I am cheering for the U.N.–that this resolution may help people to donate more and help in these countries that time has left behind.  I am also praying for those that do not have the water quality and sanitation that we have.


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