Brief Moment #36

Isabel and I went over to the community playground the other night. While there, she says,”Is this a school or something?” I answer and explain to her that it was not a school, but rather a church. The church had put up the playground a few months back for neighborhood kids. We happened to get lucky that it was put in right across the street from our house. We make a couple of visits a week and let the girls play. Today Isabel was swinging and I was pushing. I remembered that her mom had told me that Isabel had mentioned wanting to go to church. I said, “I heard that you were wanting to go to church. Why do you want to do that?” She says it is because they do a lot of neat stuff at church.

Over the past few weeks, Cassie and I have been going to various churches trying to find one that we both liked. After Sunday’s service, I think we both agreed that we had finally found one where all of us could be happy, including the kids. This Sunday will be our official first time in a church with the kids. It is quite awesome what prayer and God can do!


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