Brief Moment #29

God has a way of bringing everything back around on his own time. I had a pretty bad day Monday. The van broke down first thing in the morning. Elizabeth, the middle daughter, had been sick, so we had to take her to the doctor’s office. Once we got to the hospital, we walked in and I ran in to my best friend. He said that he was there for a normal check-up. I said ‘Normal? You are the same age as me.(34)” He then went on to tell me that he had been diagnosed with diabetes last month. I told Cassie to take the girls up to the doctor’s office and I would meet up with them in a few. I wanted to catch up with Kyle.

As we were talking and catching up we heard an awful moan and scream coming from the hospital restrooms. Kyle and I slipped inside and seen that an older man had fallen trying to get out of the door. He had banged his head and arm up pretty good. There was no one else around. Kyle and I helped him up and cleaned up his arm and head for him and got him seated back in his wheelchair/walker till his son and a nurse arrived to take over.

Elizabeth found out that she was showing signs of diabetes, too. The doc told us it could be that, OR dehydration. That is a big difference and quite the worry for the next few days, but it is in God’s hands.

After the doctor, I sat down for dinner, and with my second bite, nearly bit my tongue off. I got it to finally stop bleeding after 15 minutes, but was unable to finish dinner.

THEN…we ended the night with a brief argument between the two of us. Something that very rarely happens.

It was one rough day.

So where is the brief moment of Happiness?? I met up with Kyle for the first time in a year, for some reason we were together to help out this larger gentleman who had fallen and banged himself up. Sometimes the good is hard to see, but it was nice to know that with all the other stress going on in our lives, I still had the courage and ambition to help someone else in need. God works in mysterious ways, but he brought me to that moment and turned a pretty crappy day in to one that I could be joyous about!


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