Brief Moment #23

Brief Moment #22 leads up to this one.  Right after the Boy scout incident and Katelynn being fed, the girls decided that they wanted to play on the playground behind the church.  The gate was locked, so we said ‘Ok’.  At this moment, the girls decided they did not want the ice cream that I had just spent $4 on.  Two bites and in to the trash it went!  You have to love learning moments like this.  Things that deal with wasting money are not my most enjoyable moments.  I started ranting.  I asked them “Why did I just spend $4 on ice cream that you took two bites out of?”  I looked them both right in the eyes.  Isabel shrugged her shoulders and said “I don’t know.”  Then pouted.  Elizabeth just said “I am done!”  I continued on and told them that I was not going to waste money on ice cream anymore if all they were going to do was throw it in the trash!  I was very serious.  Cassie and I told them to go play.  I turned to talk to Cassie and my ice cream truck snow cone ($2.50) hit the pavement.  I started pouting.  Cassie was cracking up.  All of this just goes to show that sometimes lessons are better unspoken.  I think I cursed myself, but once again the laughter from us both made it a happy moment.  Haha!


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