Brief Moment #22

It is hard to take a baby very far when she has to be breast fed.  You want to be discreet, yet, you also have to be willing to give in or the baby will cry her little head off till food arrives.  Cassie and I went walking up town with the girls the other night.  We take many walks a week, but we never quite ran in to a situation like the following:  Katelynn started crying.  We were in the middle of downtown.  I asked one restaurant if they had a restroom where Cassie could feed Katelynn.  They told me that it was for ‘Paying’ guests only.  That’s cool and all, but this restaurant now has to deal with not making any money from my family…ever.  This is a happy blog though, right?  We are getting to the happiness..just hold you britches on!

After getting denied at the restaurant, we decided to walk and look for a discreet place around downtown.  The only thing we came up with was a nice little prayer park behind a church.  The benches were sheltered and nobody was around.  No one could see anything from the road. We decide to go there.  While Cassie is doing her thing with the baby, the girls hear the ice cream truck.  “Ice Cream!”  they yelled.  So I obliged.  I took the girls and like usual, we had to chase the ice cream truck for a block.  We bought the ice cream and turned to walk back to the prayer park.  I glanced up and noticed quite a few people in the little park where Cassie and Katelynn were.  As we got closer, I noticed the boyscout outfits.  We finally get back to the park, I find Cassie.  She is red-faced and laughing so hard.  In our moment of trying to find a discreet spot, she had become surrounded by the local Boy scouts who were packing for an outing!  So much for DISCREET, but it sure was good for some laughs!!


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