Brief Moment #14

I finished my second book for our library’s Summer Reading Program.  My goal is to earn 2 library book bags by the end of this thing so that we have environmentally-friendly ways to carry all of our books home from the library.  We have the chance to earn small prizes for every 5 books read.  I am going for 2 $3-$5 library gift certificates.  All I need is $4 for the two bags and the hope that some are left!!  It is their centennial year in town and the bags are pretty cool!

I just finished reading “The Last Lecture” by Randy Pausch.  It was an amazing book and one I highly recommend to anyone.  Randy was a college professor who found out that he had only a few months to live.  He decided to give a last lecture as a going away gift to his family friends.  His lecture and book abound with his thoughts on life, what he thinks is important, and how precious time is.  This book is the first book to tear me up.  Not once, but at least four different times!  It also makes you smile.  A lot.  It isn’t to sappy and overall, it is a very positive book with great guidelines on how life should be lived and what is important.  It was a great read and I do suggest that everyone should look in to reading this great book!  There.  That’s my book report.  You can watch the original lecture by Randy Pausch by clicking here.  That should motivate you enough to buy the book, or do like I did and check it out at your local library!

The first book I read was The Sand County Almanac by Aldo Leopold.  Another highly recommended book that lays the basis for much of today’s conservation and environmental works.

If I have to read, I might as well read some good books that make me think.  So far, both of my selections have been great.

I told my dad what I was doing this last week when he visited and he asked “Well how do they know you have read them?  You could mark down that you read them and get the book bags.”  I told him that that would be lying and cheating, both values that I never want my kids to see their father do.  I would rather work and earn them.  At least I will have peace of mind and the kids get to see their dad actually work for something to benefit the family.  I hope my dad picked up that lesson and maybe found out a little more about me, as well!


2 thoughts on “Brief Moment #14”

  1. I really love summer reading programs…they encourage my girls to read more.(even if it is because of prizes)
    Enjoying your site and the little things you are finding that are moments you want to remember.

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