Brief Moment #11

After the Strawberry Festival, we decided to go to the store to find something for dinner.  As soon as we got there, Katelynn started making her little baby sounds.  She has taken a fondness to smiling great big anytime Cassie makes clicking sounds with her mouth.  Cassie started clicking and Katelynn started smiling.  Then she done something that she had never done before…SHE ACTUALLY GIGGLED!!  Hahaha.  It was so cute!  The big smile on her face and the little laughing sounds that she can muster.  She is almost 3 months old, but is already learning so much!  I almost started to cry when I seen Cassie laughing and heard Katelynn giggling.  Any daddy loves a smile on his kids face (and his future wife’s).  Let’s just hope that I can keep them that way for the rest of our lives!

As a side note, she has also started (Katelynn) to grab a on to things.  First I caught her pulling mommy’s hair, then she would grasp my shirt.  Yesterday we had her lying in the grass and Isabel put a little white flower in her hand, which she held for quite awhile.


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