Brief Moment #6

I read a couple of posts today that absolutely put a smile on my face.  One is from The Gypsy Mama blog and the other, CasKal blog.  The post on The Gypsy Mama blog is a beautiful thought on when happiness strikes.  Any of us with kids will relate fondly to the images that When A Family Feels Like Home brings up.  Read it.  Enjoy, then think about where your happiness lies.  The post Small Pleasures on the CasKal blog is one writer’s way of trying to record some of the small happiness that she finds herself surrounded by.  This post put a smile on my face for a different reason.  She is trying to recognize these small bits of happiness that I am also recording here on Brief Moments of Happiness.  After reading her post, be sure to check out her Life List–or some of the things she would like to do before she dies.  Life List’s are fun.  What would be on yours?  I highly recommend each of these blogs to your reading list.  I have also added both to the Brief Moments of Happiness blogroll.  Thanks for putting a smile on my face today, ladies!


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